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什么是obfuscemail,An email obfuscator utilising the rot13 cipher. Cuts down on spam in mailto links.



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Adding contact email to your site is a great idea to allow people to contact you easily. However, it’s also a great way to put your email address on a dish for spammy web crawlers.

Obfuscemail is a simple command line utility and Node.js module to help with this issue. It generates javascript which creates nice links which appear and work as normal in a web browser, but are not readable by web crawlers. The actual email address is hidden by the rot13 cipher.


To install the command line utility globally:

sudo npm install -g obfuscemail

Or to install locally in an npm project:

npm install obfuscemail --save


To use in a HTML page, you must define where you want your mailto links to be injected by using the obfuscemail class (ANY element with this class will be turned into a mailto link).

Then to generate the javascript to include in this page you need to run:

obfuscemail -e "" -t "Anchor Tag Text"

You can also add an optional subject to the mailto link:

obfuscemail -e "" -t "Anchor Tag Text" -s "Subject for Email"

Obfuscemail can also be used as a Node.js module (see above for installation):

var obfuscemail = require('obfuscemail');

var js = obfuscemail.generate('test@example.com', 'Contact Me');

/* This outputs an immediately-invoked function expression, which you
 * *could*, if you really wish, eval()...


  1. Add No email here! to a HTML page.
  2. Generate the javascript